Home for the Holidays

Written by: Tim Johnson
2 min read

The end of year holidays are fast approaching and can be another source of stress in the world of software delivery. We’d all like to spend more time with friends and family but unpredictable releases or unforeseen bugs often keep teams working late or over the weekend. CloudBees Flow helps with Stress-Free Software Delivery . At this busy time of year, CloudBees Accelerator also helps with getting you home for the holidays.

Now available on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Today, we are announcing that CloudBees Accelerator, along with CloudBees Core and CloudBees Jenkins Support are now available on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace. This is especially great news for Android device development teams already using GCP. They can take advantage of their current GCP contract to get a minimum 2X speed up on their Android builds, without having to procure additional infrastructure to do it.

(By the way, we have data that shows several of our Android device customers are enjoying an average 6X acceleration benefit! How’s that for more time to be with the family?)

45-Day free trial

The other exciting news about its availability on the GCP Marketplace is CloudBees Accelerator includes a 45-day free trial. You have plenty of time to make your builds faster this holiday season before you have to start paying for it. Consider it our holiday gift to your family as you won’t be spending 4 hours or more waiting for you full builds to complete.

Next steps

Existing Google Cloud Platform customers can launch CloudBees Accelerator directly in the marketplace here and try it for 45 days. Your family will be glad you did.

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