Go with the Flow: The Self-Service Catalog

Written by: Electric Bee
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We all want to see success faster.

  • How can you implement your DevOps processes more quickly?

  • How can you easily scale and reuse your automation(s) across other applications or teams?

  • How to easily ensure consistency (and compliance) of your processes and configurations across teams, apps, etc.?

Want to get the most out of your DevOps Automation? Don't reinvent the wheel!

Need a 3-stage pipeline? A microservice model? JBoss app configuration? Deploying to AWS? - It's all just a click away!

Introducing: The Self Service Catalog

Accelerate your DevOps journey with dozens of out-of-the-box templates for common deployment processes, stacks, pipelines, and more.

Watch the short demo video:

The Self-Service Catalog in CloudBees Flow enables you to:

  • Get started quickly with dozens of out-of-the-box templates for common environment stacks, applications models, pipelines, processes, etc.

  • Create your own reusable templates for the processes or configurations that your team uses.

  • Standardize and promote DevOps best practices across your organization: Easily onboard new teams and applications - allowing everyone to take advantage of vetted automation with a click of a button, while reducing the learning curve and set-up cycles for new users.

See it for yourself!

The Self-Service Catalog is included in CloudBees Flow version 7.3 , and is also available in the free Community Edition . If you are using an older version of CloudBees Flow, you can download the most recent one, below.

  • In the Community Edition - start the Self-Service Catalog in-product tutorial to explore this powerful feature. Then select the catalog item that meets your needs, to create your own automation in CloudBees Flow.

  • Learn more about this feature in the Product Documentation .

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about DevOps Insights in CloudBees Flow.

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