GE: exceed productivity targets by 3200, saving 650000h, 97 lead-time reduction from 11h to 20m

Written by: Electric bee
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Great article about our customer GE's journey from waterfall to Agile practices.
You are highly encouraged to read through yourself, but here is a short summary and some citations for you:
>>“Just one code build within a complex software release for the Energy division could take as long as 24 hours - wanted new software builds done in 20 minutes .<<
>>"The continuous integration initiative was a big game-changer for us," Rogers said. "Our method for checking code was all automated and controlled centrally now. If anything failed, it failed within minutes, versus finding out in hours or days. "<<
>>“The build time for the software decreased by 97 from 11 hours to 20 minutes . That saved us 20 days ' worth of time finding errors, since it could take a month or so to figure out what code or threads of code was blowing up in a particular integration."<<
>>"Combining agile and lean let us exceed productivity targets by 3,200 . Fixes that used to take 20 days are done in minutes , and we have surpassed our goal of tens of thousands of hours in productivity, saving 650,000 hours in productivity since we started this three years ago."<<

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