Exploring Deployment Strategies In Kubernetes

Written by: Viktor Farcic
1 min read

This time I will not write a lengthy post. Instead, I'll try to explain different deployment strategies through diagrams. This is for all those who dislike black and white terminal and prefer colors, boxes and lines with arrows.

(Note: The deployment strategies are not presented in any particular order.)

Serverless deployments with Knative

The flow of a request with API gateway

Knative's ability to scale to zero replicas

Knative's ability to scale from zero to multiple replicas

Recreate Deployment Strategy

Rolling Updates Deployment Strategy

Blue-Green Deployments

Canary Deployments

Canary deployment rollout

Automatic rollback of a canary release

If you want to hear more about deployment strategies, on December 5, 2019, I will be speaking more on this topic at DevOps World | Jenkins World Lisbon . Join me if you are in the neighborhood. Use JWFOSS for a 30% discount on registration.

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