Expanding the Integrated CloudBees Ecosystem

Written by: Steve Harris
2 min read

CloudBees launched its Partner Ecosystem in June, and it has been a success for our users and our partners.

If you're just looking into PaaS and trying to understand how it adds value over the traditional packaged software approach, take a look at the ecosystem for a real "Ah Hah" moment. Instead of you having to license, install, integrate and manage the tools you use in the development, deployment or monitoring of applications, you simply select the service(s) you need from within our Partner Ecosystem offerings. With just one click, you are automatically provisioned and up and running - all without even leaving the CloudBees environment. You'll also receive one consolidated invoice for CloudBees services and any add-on Partner Ecosystem services to which you have subscribed. It's really that simple.

Now joining our initial partners of JFrog , Sauce Labs , SonarSource , Cloudant and New Relic , we're very happy to introduce platform integrations with our newest ecosystem partners MongoHQ , Papertrail and XWiki .

  • MongoHQ , a hosted database solution for getting web applications up and running on MongoDB, fast. With it, developers can easily create and configure MongoDB databases as the data layer for Cloudbees-hosted applications. NoSQL, no problem, with CloudBees.

  • Papertrail , a log management solution for applications, servers and cloud services - available as a one-click, hosted service. Teams can use Papertrail to aggregate, tail and search log messages from applications deployed on the CloudBees platform. Driven by Papertrail's own experience as sysadmins and IT ops people, if you haven't seen it before, you'll be amazed at how useful and powerful it is.

  • XWiki , a customizable, cloud-based wiki that enables developers to easily collaborate and share details about projects. From within the CloudBees platform, developers can store everything in XWiki that they might find useful for their projects, from code snippets to comprehensive application documentation. And XWiki helps you scale up from developer-level usage to large scale enterprise usage in the cloud.

Give these solutions a try today! This kind of rich Partner Ecosystem is just another way that Platform as a Service and CloudBees are revolutionizing the way you develop, deploy and manage applications in the cloud.

- Steve Harris, Senior VP of Products

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