Episode 67: Manuel Pais on DevOps Team Topologies

Written by: Brian Dawson
2 min read

On the latest episode of DevOps Radio, host Brian Dawson is joined by co-host Sam Fell, AVP of Marketing at CloudBees and DevOps Delivery Coach and Consultant, Manuel Pais. Since starting in the industry, Manuel experienced the recurring problem with clients was that they were looking at improving tooling and the way they deliver software but would have gaps in communication and inefficient interactions between teams. These common challenges with clients is what led him to co-author the book, Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow.

One of the ultimate goals for the book is to help organizations become more of a living organization and adapt to changes in their environment - with not only technology, but also within the market - in a more continuous way. In the book, Manuel and his co-author Matthew Skelton mention four types of teams - stream-aligned teams, platform teams, enabling teams and complicated subsystem teams – and explain three core interaction modes between teams: collaboration, X-as-a-service, and facilitation. According to Manuel, these patterns help businesses to think about the day-to-day interactions between teams, making it more explicit so that there's less ambiguity in terms of each team’s role and what they are supposed to provide to other teams.

Manuel closes the conversation by sharing his thoughts on what’s beyond DevOps. He says companies need to think about teams and how they can evolve to adopt DevOps and whatever comes next, while keeping the business ability to deliver quickly and efficiently. If enterprises keep this in mind, they can more effectively introduce DevOps – and whatever the subsequent practices – into the organization.

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