Episode 58: Google’s Craig Barber on Plugins and the Golden Path to the Cloud

Written by: Diana Hwang
2 min read

Host Brian Dawson is back on the mic with Google Software Engineer Craig Barber for an all-new episode of DevOps Radio . Craig works on Google’s Cloud Graphite team to ensure that customers can use their favorite open-source platform tools on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in addition to the community building an evangelism he conducts on the platform’s behalf. In this podcast, the duo discusses some of the key Jenkins plugins for GCP in addition to the guiding tenants Craig’s team employs to provide great customer experience at Google.

Craig starts off by explaining what Jenkins plugins are available for GCP and what functionality is provided to users. Currently, there are four Jenkins plugins, which have a range of capabilities from VM configurations, OS templates, deploying to Kubernetes clusters and more – all designed to increase an easier use case while using resources from Google Cloud and then deploy to Google Cloud. A full gallery of resources including the solutions along with articles and tutorials to guide implementation are available at cloud.google.com/Jenkins.

Craig then describes the Cloud Graphite team’s purpose: to meet customers where they already are through responsiveness and regular engagement with customers to figure out what their needs are. One of the recurring themes Craig sees in conversations across the board is that many organizations want the latest and greatest in CI/CD tech, but they still have legacy infrastructure to support. This is often due to regulatory restraint, paired with the fact that data centers and hardware are expensive. Craig says his team wants to provide a “golden path to the cloud” by alleviating the headaches and overhead cost to allow for a seamless migration.

Before signing off Craig recommends two favorite resources: “Kubernetes: Up and Running: Dive into the Future of Infrastructure ” by Kelsey Hightower, “Building Cloud Native Apps Painlessly ” by CloudBees’ own Jenkins X team. If you want more details on these resources, be sure to check out the full episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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