Enterprise Jenkins with SVN: A Bit o' Honey from WANdisco and CloudBees

Written by: Hannah Inman
2 min read

Yet another partner has joined us here in the Bee Hive: WANdisco , well-known experts in Apache Subversion-based software and services. WANdisco now offers Jenkins -- with higher-level Jenkins support provided by CloudBees -- as an integrated part of their uberSVN platform. uberSVN expands Apache Subversion into a free and open application lifecycle management (ALM) platform, complete with integrated "social coding" environment.

As you probably know, Jenkins is an easy-to-use, continuous integration system to manage and control the application development lifecycle, including build, documentation, testing, and packaging. It can watch for code changes in uberSVN repositories, and automatically do builds, initiate tests, notify users, roll changes backward or forward, schedule, monitor, and manage external time-based cron jobs, and perform operations on remote machines. So you can focus on writing software, not managing and monitoring the build process.

As of today, you can download Jenkins , together with enterprise support, from WANdisco’s new uberApps Store. If you already use uberSVN, get integrated Jenkins free by clicking the "update" button in your platform console.

If you want to extract even more juice from Jenkins, stay tuned… Nectar , CloudBees' professional version of Jenkins, will also be available on the uberApps store soon. Nectar offers enterprise support, a stable release cycle, and additional plug-ins to make Jenkins even more powerful.

See it yourself in a webinar (well, two)…

  1. Want to see how easy it is to deploy Jenkins with SVN and learn best practices for Jenkins? Join us for a free webinar at 9 AM Pacific, on Sept 14th , Automating ALM with Jenkins in the uberSVN Platform .

  2. Join us today for insights from Jenkins expert Stephen Connolly (the weather icon guy): Authentication and Authorization in Jenkins . Sign up here for the webinar TODAY (July 27th) at 12:00 PM ET , but no worries if you can't make it. Leave a comment or just check back here on the blog -- we’ll be posting the recording soon.


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