Enrolling in CloudBees Beta Program for Private Cloud Solutions

Recently, Sacha blogged that CloudBees is going hybrid, as in CloudBees will provide DEV@cloud and RUN@cloud to private clouds, in addition to offering them on our public cloud. We are also running a beta program for both solutions and are encouraging companies to participate in the program.

Since the blog, we have seen a number of requests asking us to clarify if both RUN@cloud and DEV@cloud products are going to have private cloud solutions - the answer is a resounding “yes”.

The second request has been: “How can we register for the beta programs?” You can register for DEV@cloud here and RUN@cloud here. You can participate in one or both programs at the same time. You can also email me directly. My email is my first name at cloudbees dot com.

If you are not interested in the private cloud solutions, then perhaps you can try our public cloud ones. You can find videos to learn more here.

Both RUN@cloud and DEV@cloud on our public clouds are in GA and not beta.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
- Harpreet Singh, Senior Director of Product Management



Sacha,<br />Why nor VMware vCloud instead (or on top of) of VMware vSphere as the VMware target for Private Edtion?<br />Sure the vCloud API is restricted versus the vSphere API, but if fits better the IaaS layering<br />Also the object model is already at a higher level (vApp vDC Organization Networks...)<br />Jacques Talbot @Grenoble

Hi Jacques - we can work with vCloud as well (and have tried it out). vSphere was simply picked as a low-ish common denominator that is pretty well established.

Michael,<br />thanks for the info. I work as a consultant for a LARGE customer currently investigating PaaS solutions on top of vCloud Director. Would you like to discuss somehow with me the context and the requirements, in private mail exchanges?<br /><br />If yes, email jacques.talbot@open-groupe.com<br />Bye

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