#DontDoDevOpsAlone : The 3 extra ingredients of TRUE CD

Written by: Buffi Gresh
2 min read

Check out this talk at DevOpsWorld | JenkinsWorld: The Three Extra Ingredients Needed to Attain TRUE CD . The speakers in this session have worked directly with over 200 enterprises over the past year - all on that wild uninhabited path to TRUE CD.

Why should you care? Because their lessons-learned can become your bootstrap.

It’s no longer just tools, people and process. This session will give you insight into how some of the most advanced CD companies are using extra ingredients to progress. There are so many paths to take and every month brings new forks in the road - sometimes taking both forks is the best path.

But let's give you a sneak peek. The three core components the session will cover are:

  • Architecting for the business.

  • Accepting an x-modal service model.

  • Developing a deliberate acceleration program.

And here is a preview of some questions we will discuss:

  • What is the typical service model and where do we see enterprises headed in 2019?

  • How are enterprises finding balance between compliance and developer autonomy?

  • What is the effect of service model shifts on operational cost?

  • What is the downstream business effect of upstream technical decisions?

  • What are common pitfalls enterprises encounter and how can you avoid them?

The great news is this session is just one of the many leadership-track sessions available @ DW/JW - alongside 10+ other tracks. From Total-Techie to Jenkins-Junkie to DevOps-Driver, there is something for anyone doing DevOps.

Hope this gave you just one more reason to attend DevOpsWorld | JenkinsWorld 2018 with 2,500+ other DevOps professionals and IT executives. See you in next week!

Oh and one more thing… #DontDoDevOpsAlone.

To register for the conference, use my #DiscountCode to Save 20%: JWBGRESH . Signup here .

This post was written by Buffi Gresh, Senior Director of Business Consulting, and Martha Samper, Customer Value Manager.

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