Docker Announces Native Kubernetes Support

Written by: Laura Frank Tacho

During this morning's keynote at DockerCon EU in Copenhagen, Docker announced they're bringing Kubernetes to Docker EE, Docker for Mac and Windows, and will have more Kubernetes integrations in Moby Project components.

You can sign up for beta access today, and test drive it later this year when the beta is available. This unfortunately means you can't use it immediately, but you can see awesome demos in the keynote. We can expect GA to happen in the first few months of 2018.

Orchestration and scheduling is just one part of your container platform, but certainly an important one. Going forward, Docker users will be able to choose to use Kubernetes or Swarm for the scheduling layer. Node management -- like adding and removing manager and worker nodes to and from your cluster -- will continue to be handled by Swarm.

Docker EE, Docker's supported Enterprise Edition, will ship with Kubernetes out of the box. As a user, you'll be able to deploy to a Kubernetes cluster directly from Docker, use the kubectl that ships directly with Docker EE, and manage your Kubernetes objects directly in Docker's Universal Control Plane (UCP), the UI component to manage your applications and clusters. You're even able to deploy to a Kubernetes cluster using a Docker stack file.

For Docker EE users, this means you can use the awesome Kubernetes scheduler while still getting the enterprise-grade tools EE offers, like Docker Trusted Registry and UCP.

Docker for Mac and Windows will also ship with Kubernetes integration, including the ability to use kubectl directly. These tools ship with Docker CE, the Community Edition, that is and always will be free to use.

If you're a Swarm user, expect no disruption. You now have another option for the scheduling layer, but Docker will continue to invest in and support Swarm as a scheduler. Node management is handled via Swarm even when using Kubernetes at the scheduling layer, so don't expect Swarm to go anywhere soon.

If you're at DockerCon, don't miss Gordon's Secret Session on Wednesday afternoon at 15:45 in the Black Belt track.

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