Do you know how to evaluate Devops?

Written by: Electric Bee

This is part five of the five part series where we will look at DevOps and the solutions that can be gained by its implementation.
__ Driven by a confluence of business and technological trends, the move to DevOps will continue to gain traction. To keep pace with this momentum, it’s incumbent upon the development and operations teams to work together more closely. This requires cultural, process, automation, and other changes to existing behavior.
When evaluating automation solutions and other technology, it’s wise to adopt a system that fosters integrated Dev and Ops collaboration. Each team has much to offer: Dev possesses essential experience and knowledge that can lay the foundation for a successful DevOps architecture, and Ops is critical to deploying and running the application.
To help evaluate a DevOps solution, consider these 10 questions:

  1. Can it easily model the development and delivery workflow, including the entire build-deploy-test-release process?

  2. Can it leverage existing scripts and add value around them?

  3. Is it flexible, with support for any language and methodology, such as Agile, waterfall, and others?

  4. Does it provide out-of-the-box integration to many of the common tools in the organization’s tool inventory, such as build, deploy, test, release, and so on?

  5. Can it integrate to any infrastructure platform, including physical, virtual or cloud?

  6. Can multiple tasks be run in parallel? Is it easy to model parallel jobs?

  7. Can manual transition approval steps be configured?

  8. Can it enforce role-based access control between teams?

  9. Is the solution able to scale to the entire organization, with hundreds of users, resources and concurrent tasks/jobs?

  10. Does it provide real-time and comprehensive visibility into the status of the workflow process and jobs?

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