DevOps Radio: Kelsey Hightower on Kubernetes

Written by: Chris Inman

DevOps radio logo Can’t contain your excitement for Kubernetes - the latest in open source container orchestration? He may not have a LinkedIn page, but who better to learn the ins and outs of Kubernetes from than Kelsey Hightower, staff developer advocate, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes. Kelsey takes the mic along with guest host and CloudBees CEO, Sacha Labourey, for an all new episode of DevOps Radio dedicated to K8s.

From retailers and banks, to small, medium and enterprise-level businesses, organizations are using or in the process of adopting Kubernetes. As an engineer and product-focused person first, Kelsey says the adoption of Kubernetes is no longer up for debate, it’s an essential part of digital transformation. However, a lot of organizations get stuck using the same thing for decades and don’t take the time to learn the latest and greatest – like Kubernetes. Kelsey breaks down Kubernetes adoption, including what he’s covered in his tutorial, “Kubernetes the Hard Way ,” and what he’s seen in the field, from data and APIs, to serverless.

Given the current focus on digital transformation, Kelsey also explains why organizations should invest in accountability and learning. It can be hard to determine what should be built - and why. In Kelsey’s experience it takes about nine months of learning to really adapt to new technology and processes. Since it’s part of the development culture to continue to innovate and to avoid wasting time that could result in unmet goals, education should be a constant.

In Kelsey’s parting words to DevOps Radio listeners, he reminds us it’s a wonderful time to be in tech. To make the most of this incredible period of digital transformation, he advises us to document, contribute, be pragmatic and remember to ask questions.

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