Continuous Information vol. 5 - CloudBees Newsletter for Jenkins

Written by: Hannah Inman
Fall 2013 - Volume 5

Jenkins Makes SD Times 2013 Top 100

For the fourth year in a row, SD Times recognized Jenkins as “Best in Show” in Software Development! They recognize what we all know – rapid deployment of new software and features is critical to a business’s success. Over the last few years, Jenkins has collected myriad other awards as well. With more than 65,000 active installations and more than 800 plugins, Jenkins is clearly the People’s Choice.

Check out the SD Times award and other accolades.


Health Check-up for Jenkins

Just like human beings, Jenkins benefits from periodic health check-ups. It helps you establish baselines if you develop performance problems later, and sometimes it even lets you discover a problem and nip it in the bud before it becomes a serious one. In this post, I’m going to talk about a couple of very accessible tools that let you do the check-up by yourself… Read Blog

The Latest Jenkins Gatherings

Jenkins User Conference – Palo Alto, California – October 23

The agenda has been released and we have a great line-up! And as a special perk for friends of CloudBees, use the code BEE-JUC at registration to get $26 off (expires October 4).

A big shout-out to our JUC Palo Alto sponsors:

More Jenkins Events:


What’s New in Jenkins?

Kohsuke shares the latest and greatest Jenkins developments…

  • Remote classloader improvements. This change will help newly-connected slaves ramp up quickly, especially over slow or large-latency network. Details here .
  • Thread count reduction in SSH. This feature improves the memory footprint on the master that runs a lot of slaves. Details here .
  • Git plugin refactoring. This change brings in JGit, which simplifies deployment and gives us fine-grained control over per-project authentications. Details here and here .

You can see the full Jenkins Changelog here .


Automating .NET builds –
It’s Not All About TFS

There is another way. You have an option. Just because you are working in a .NET shop does not mean you are locked into using TFS. In fact in many ways you would be better to break the shackles of TFS. It’s easy to use Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Git for configuration management with .NET.

Read the blog to learn how

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Do you frequently run out of build resources? Get tired of administering Jenkins machines?

Handy tip: Do it all in the cloud with the CloudBees DEV@cloud service!

  • No more infrastructure maintenance
  • DEV@cloud is available instantly, with a click
  • You get unlimited capacity/scalability when you need it
  • You pay only for what you use

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Writing a Jenkins Plugin

Interested in writing a plugin but never got around doing it? Hear the story from someone who did it for the first time!

Read the blog to learn just how easy it is

We hope to see you at the Jenkins User Conference next month! As always, if you have other suggestions or thoughts on how to make Continuous Information more useful to you, please send the newsletter team a note.

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Table of Contents:
Jenkins Makes SD Times 2013 Top 100
Health Check-up for Jenkins
The Latest Jenkins Gatherings
What’s New in Jenkins?
Automating .NET builds – It’s Not All About TFS
Writing a Jenkins Plugin

on-demand webinar
Running Jenkins in Production

The fantastic thing about Jenkins is that it helps teams get started with continuous integration (CI) quickly. In a mission-critical environment, how does an admin keep a production instance running, while minimizing downtime?

Tune in to Kohsuke and Harpreet, and they’ll tell you…

Happy Users
Who’s Using Jenkins?

Stats saymore than 65,000 installations use Jenkins , but who are they and what are they doing?

Find out on the Jenkins Wiki . Then add your own listing to the page.

virtually there
JUC Israel Video

Couldn’t make it to Israel for JUC this summer?

Attend the sessions virtually

case study

TeleStax uses Jenkins in the cloud to support the open source Mobicents project, with delightful results:

Costs reduced by 75% or more
Reliability improved
Development streamlined, bug fixes turned around in 20% less time

Learn how

Dzone Refcard

Jenkins CI
on PaaS

The Essential Jenkins on PaaS cheat sheet, this Dzone Refcard contains a laundry list of great Jenkins resources and some tips on PaaS to boot. It’s a handy Jenkins reference to share with your team.

Get the Refcard

on-demand webinar
Adding Performance Testing to CI

Configure a complete build/test/ deploy continuous integration environment using Jenkins on the CloudBees Platform as a Service - and then add BlazeMeter's 100% JMeter-compatible performance testing platform, all in just a few clicks.

Watch the webinar

cool tools
Red Light?!

Want visual feedback when your build breaks? Check out this clever solution , this one , and this one too .

#JenkinsCI Daily

Get your Jenkins news every day with this Jenkins daily publication .

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