Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 17 Recap – Application Release Automation in Regulated Industries

Written by: Electric Bee
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This morning on Continuous Discussions we discussed ARA in regulated industries. Unfortunately, 2 of our panelists had to cancel at the last minute, so it was up to Larry Samson to represent- and he delivered!

Check out the replay below to learn about some of the challenges with application release in regulated industries - such as medical devices - and some best practices and common patterns around security protocols, approval process and audit compliance.

Watch the Replay of this episode:

This episode features:

Larry SampsonLarry Sampson an accomplished technical manager with over 20 years of medical device experience including high volume process and product development projects. @SampsonSurgical |



On the Next Episode of Continuous Discussions:

Ops monitoring and CD


Join us on Tuesday, June 2, at 10am PST , when we'll be talking about how monitoring your production environments and app performance feeds back into your CD efforts.

This episode will feature:

gabriel lowyGabriel Lowy The founder of TechTonics Advisors, a strategic consultancy that helps technology companies build value. @GabrielLowy1 |
Kris BuytaerKris Buytaert A long time Linux and Open Source Consultant. He's one of instigators of the DevOps movement, currently working for Inuits. @KrisBuytaert |
matt davisMatt Davis Matt has more then 10 years in IT with a focus on business optimization using technology. When not working with technology Matt enjoys being outdoors and keeping active. @Matt_JDavis |
Nir CohenNir Cohen An Ops Architect at Gigaspaces. He's a relatively short, brown eyed human being who loves animals & holds to Ethics as a life path. @thinkops |

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