Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 14 Recap – DevOps and Lean in Legacy Environments

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Today on Continuous Discussions we had a great time discussing how horses can become unicorns too.

“Getting to DevOps” for a single product team is no easy task. So how do you “inject" DevOps and Lean principles across 20 “legacy” product teams. Spread out across 4 continents. With different technology stacks.

  • How do you move from "Waterfall-ITIL" to "DevOps-Agile"?
  • How do you define success?
  • How do you encourage experimentation?
  • What's differences do you see now in your production pipelines?

Our team of panelists had some suggestions for you.

Watch the Replay of this episode to learn more:

This episode features:

daveDave Mangot Systems engineer @Librato, DevOps aficionado, change agent, with a passion for metrics, monitoring, and scalability. @davemangot |
dimitrisDimitris Papathomopoulos Software Engineer, Tech Director @ InfoTech & RPAS Cloud Product Manager, Big fan of Agile, Lean Start Up, DevOps & Continuous Delivery. @DimitrisPapatho |
uriUri Cohen Uri leads the product team at GigaSpaces. He’s a spare time coder & proud dad, & occasionally dapples in all-mountain & downhill biking. @uri1803 |
yuvalYuval Yeret Partner and CTO @ Agilesparks, Agile/Kanban/Scrum Coach. @yuvalyeret |









On the Next Episode of Continuous Discussions:

An end to "It Worked on My Machine!"

worked on my machine

Join us on Tuesday, April 21, at 10am PST , when we'll be talking about Consistent Deployments Across Dev, Test and Prod .


This episode will feature:

marcMarc D. Priolo SCM with over 15 years as a consultant, DBA, TS manager, and RM manager experience. My current focus is Continuous Delivery & DevOps.
daveMark Paluch Software Craftsman and Continuous Delivery Evangelist. Mark is passionate about Lean Development and enables teams at several large-scale companies to create better software. @mp911de |
Mark Shapiro Senior Software Architect @ Segue Technologies, always dev, sometimes admin, likes things automated and well-controlled. @seguetech |
mikeMike Wilkes Technical Lead at Architech, a full-service digital experiences studio. He's passionate about continuously releasing quality software to happy users. @mikezx6r |
victoriaVictoria Livschitz Founder and CEO of Qubell. Founder and chairman at Grid Dynamics. Working hard to turn good ideas into great products. @vlivschitz |


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