Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 1 Recap

Written by: Electric Bee
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Yesterday we live-streamed the series premier of our Continuous Discussions online panel. We started Continuous Discussions to give the community an open forum to discuss topics related to Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery.
On this inaugural episode, we talked with 11 panelists (we had many more volunteer, but couldn't accommodate them all!) about their experiences and learnings from a broad range of topics related to the practice of software delivery.
You can check out the recording of the session, below.

The first episode of #c9d9 featured these panelists: (in alphabetical order)
Andrew Rivers - Carlos Sanchez - @csanchez | Chris Haddad - @cobiacomm Dave Josephsen - @djosephsen Eriksen Costa - @eriksencosta | Esko Luontola - @orfjackal | John Ryding - @strife25 | Norm MacLennan - @nromdotcom | J. Randall Hunt - @jrhunt | Sriram Narayan - @sriramnarayan | Sunanda Jayanth - @sunandaj17 |
And your hosts: Sam Fell (@samueldfell ) and Anders Wallgren (@anders_wallgren ) from CloudBees.

There's more:

The next Continuous Discussions will be held on Thursday, October 30th, 10am PST , and this time we'll be discussing Application Release Automation (ARA).
If you'd like to attend, register and add the event to your calendar . Also, you can join the live discussion using #c9d9 on Twitter.
We invite you to use the Comments section to share your own experiences and tips for implementing Agile, DevOps or Continuous Delivery.
If you'd like to be notified of future episodes of #c9d9 or join as a panelist - contact us here.
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Join us on October 30th, 10am PST, for the next episode of Continuous Discussions.

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Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) is a bi-weekly series. See all episodes here .

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