Continuous Delivery with anynines and Codeship

Written by: Manuel Weiss
1 min read
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I am happy to welcome a new member to our Codeship Integrations family: anynines! Anynines is a PaaS built on top of CloudFoundry and OpenStack. They take care of your hardware, your network configuration and OS updates, among others. Learn more in our anynines deployment article in our documenation.

Set up Continuous Delivery with anynines and Codeship

Anynines have a great Getting Started guide which we definitely encourage you to check out. Also, see their documentation available at

To set up Continuous Delivery with Codeship to anynines, start by getting your application to deploy from your local machine. Once this is done, you need to add the following environment variables to your project settings.


Then, on Codeship, add a new script based deployment to your project and include the following commands

cf6 api
cf6 auth "${CF_USER}" "${CF_PASSWORD}"
cf6 target -o "${CF_ORG}" -s "${CF_SPACE}"
cf6 push "${CF_APP}"

This will deploy your application on each push to the specific branch you configured the deployment for. If you have more thorough requirements, like blue / green deployments see a great article written by the folks at anynines about deploying to Codeship, which is available at their blog.

Ready to get started? Head over to Codeship and set up your Deployment to anynines!

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