Codeship Launches Free Tier for Docker CI Product, Codeship Pro

Written by: Moritz Plassnig
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Our vision at Codeship is to build for the builders. We want to enable software engineers, designers, and everybody who wants to craft great software. That’s why we are excited to launch a Free Tier for our Docker product, Codeship Pro. Our goal is to allow all of you to have a great Continuous Integration product that supports you from the very first day of your project and onward.

Codeship started out as a young startup more than 5 years ago, and we never intended to overcharge our smaller customers. Regardless if you are working on a side project, a new product, or on a startup, we understand that budget will always be a constraint. We want to grow with you and allow you to get your project live or acquire your first customers before you have to start paying for Codeship.

What’s in the new Codeship Pro Free plan

Codeship already offers 100 free builds for our Basic infrastructure. This does not change. From today on, however, you will also get 100 builds for free every month with Codeship Pro. If you are working on open source repositories, you will get unlimited builds for free for both platforms. On top of this, we will no longer limit the number of projects you can add to Codeship (in the past, we limited our free tier to only 5 projects).

You can add as many repositories as you want, as many users as you want and do 100 builds for free on both of our platforms - Codeship Basic and Codeship Pro.

We also made our product naming clearer:

Codeship Basic (formerly ‘Codeship’ or ‘Codeship Classic’): refers to our classic product that provides a Virtual Machine with pre-installed technologies and is geared towards making it easy to get started and reduce maintenance overhead on your team. It works best if you work on a simple application, don’t need to use Docker or heavily customize your CI environment.

Codeship Pro (formerly Codeship ‘Jet’): refers to our Docker platform that is geared towards flexibility and customizability. Whatever you wish to build, Codeship Pro can build it for you if you can run it inside of a Docker container. Codeship Pro allows you to get to parity between your development, your test, and your production environments.

You can fully control what runs inside your environment, you can install anything you want into your instance, and you don’t share your resources with anybody else. Your builds are run on a dedicated AWS instance that runs Docker in privileged mode. You have full control to choose which instance type and size you want to use.

Why You Should Use Codeship Pro Over Other CI Products

Native Docker Support

You can run Docker in privileged mode and orchestrate the Codeship CI Environment with a codeship-services.yml file which uses syntax that is very similar to Docker Compose. Codeship Pro treats Docker as a first class citizen, meaning anything you can run inside of a Docker container can be run on Codeship Pro.


Your Codeship CI Environment can be fully customized by providing us with a Dockerfile. It’s completely up to you and your team on how you want your Continuous Integration and Delivery workflow to look like. You don’t have to deal with build errors due to pre-configured environments that include lots of packages you don’t need.

Local Build Runner (Jet CLI)

Codeship’s Jet CLI tool allows you to replicate the Codeship CI Environment locally, on your development machine and enables you to easily debug any builds. No more “It works locally but fails on CI”.

Dedicated Instances

Codeship Pro provides you with a dedicated EC2 instance and a single-tenant environment. You don’t share your instance with anybody else, and it’s solely your build running on the machine to provide you with additional security and make your CI Environment more predictable & reliable. As only your build is running on the AWS instance, we can guarantee to always distribute the same CPU and memory to you.

Flexible Resources Allocation

You can pick out of five different instance configurations and define how many vCPUs and GBs of memory you want to get allocated for your CI Environment.

Try out Codeship Pro Today

We are excited to introduce these changes to you. Providing a free version of Codeship Pro is something we have wanted to give to our customers for a while now, and we are happy to ship it to you!

Learn more about Codeship Pro here:

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