Codeship Acquired by CloudBees

Written by: Moritz Plassnig

TL;DR: Codeship has been acquired by CloudBees. Nothing will change for you. You can read the extended FAQs below.


Time stamps:00:10: Why CloudBees and Codeship are a good fit02:10: Complete flexibility meeting opinionated workflows04:02: Our combined product vision (more on this in the near future in a separate blog post)05:42: Giving the customer choice: CI/CD for all use cases07:22: What the acquisition means for Codeship’s product vision and our team08:03: How we benefit from each other’s company DNAs and experiences09:25: Impact of the acquisition on Jenkins

I'm very excited to share with you that Codeship has been acquired by CloudBees. Back in 2011, when Flo, Manny and I started the company as Railsonfire, we certainly didn't plan for that. All we were focused on in the beginning was building a product that you, our customers and users, love. Over the years, Codeship evolved, but what always stayed the same was our desire to enable every developer, every development team, and every organization to release better software faster.

Nothing has changed since then: We are still extremely excited about continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), and we still believe that you shouldn't spend your time figuring out how to test and deploy your applications. You should focus on your customers, shipping code, building applications, working with your team to improve your product, and delighting your customers. CI/CD should solely be a tool for you, not your main focus.

The Next Chapter in Codeship's Life

It's important for me to make clear that Codeship won't go anywhere. Codeship's vision is to build for the builders, and we will continue doing exactly that. The whole team will join CloudBees, and together we will continue improving our products and adding new functionality to make your life easier.

What the acquisition means for you as a Codeship customer

During the last few months we had very fruitful conversations with the CloudBees teams. I want to give you a high-level overview on why we made this move and what it means for you. You can also read through the extended FAQ section at the end of this post.

The bottom line is that nothing changes for you.

As I mentioned earlier, each and every Codeshipper is joining the CloudBees team. We will keep our products, our SaaS model, and we’ll continue working toward our product vision.

  • We will continue our product offerings and SaaS model.

  • There will be no changes to your Codeship subscription -- it will stay exactly as is.

  • We will continue to offer our Codeship Basic and Codeship Pro products, as well as our Codeship Enterprise hybrid model.

  • Our services and products will continue to be provided the same way they are today.

  • Should you be a Codeship customer, your personal contact at Codeship will still be there for you.

  • We will now be able to provide more extensive customer service and support.

  • We will keep on working toward our product vision to help modern development teams ship their products faster -- we’ll keep on building for the builders.

Continuous integration and delivery for all

Together with CloudBees we can make sure that you're never blocked on your path to CI/CD adoption. You can start with a simple and easy-to-use SaaS with a small team, and evolve to centrally managed and fully customized build machines at scale for tens of thousands of developers and IT professionals.

Together with CloudBees, we can provide value to you:

  • From SaaS to hybrid enterprise to on-premise

  • From fully opinionated to enterprise flexibility

  • From easy-to-consume to self-managed

  • From small development teams to tens of thousands of developers

Thank you!

We are thankful for all the help we have gotten over the last years. Codeship certainly wouldn't be here without you, our customers and users, friends, supporters, and mentors. That being said, becoming part of CloudBees is only another chapter for us. What motivates us is serving you, solving your CI/CD problems, and allowing any developer out there to use our products.

If you have specific questions, please comment on this article or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Codeship shutting down?


Will you migrate all Codeship customers to the CloudBees platform?


Will you still offer Codeship Basic and Codeship Pro?


Will you continue building out Codeship Basic and Codeship Pro?


Will there be changes to my Codeship subscription?


Am I required to transition to either CloudBees or Jenkins offerings?


Will I still have my personal contact at Codeship for my paid account?


Now that you have been acquired, will you “take it easy” and stop caring about Codeship and your customers and users?

You might be a bit skeptical, and you have every right to be. Unfortunately, there are far too many startups that see an acquisition as the end of their journey or even the goal.

That's not us, and we've never thought like that.

Why did CloudBees acquire you?

Codeship is a simple and opinionated cloud-based/SaaS CI/CD platform. CloudBees is an open-source solution, highly flexible and customizable, often used in on-premise environments or within a private cloud. Together, we can serve the whole market, all verticals, all types of applications and all kinds of technologies. Our goals are to offer best-of-breed CI/CD to everybody by offering a range of products to fit all needs.

Why did you decide to join CloudBees?

CloudBees is the leading company in our space and has defined CI/CD since the very early days. We certainly competed hard over the last years, but what unites us at the end of the day is our shared goal of offering the best possible CI/CD platform to the developer community.

After spending a lot of time with the CloudBees team, getting to know them personally, understanding their culture and product vision, it was clear to us that CloudBees + Codeship is a great fit.

How will I benefit from this as a Codeship customer?

Codeship is now backed by a larger company with more extensive customer service, support, and success organizations. Over time, you will benefit from a more extensive solutions portfolio and will be able to easily incorporate additional functionality and capabilities (eg, future CloudBees innovations). Also, you can now choose whichever CI/CD solution and approach is the best fit for you and your team and switch seamlessly between them, all under one umbrella.

How will CloudBees customers benefit? CloudBees now offers its customers a broader range of CI/CD solutions. Today, all CloudBees customers are using Jenkins-based solutions for their software development and delivery needs. With the addition of Codeship, they now have an alternative solution designed for development projects and teams that want an opinionated and easy-to-use CD as a Service option -- all from one vendor.

What are some next steps for Codeship? We will continue working toward our cloud native CI/CD solutions. Over time, the CloudBees and Codeship platforms will evolve to a unified platform providing a full range of software delivery capabilities from simple, highly opinionated continuous delivery solutions to large scale and highly flexible and customizable solutions.

What are the next steps in the acquisition process? The Codeship employees have already been integrated into CloudBees teams, and we have started the process of integrating business functions.

Will the Codeship brand continue after the acquisition? Yes. The Codeship products will be known as Codeship Basic by CloudBees, Codeship Pro by CloudBees, and Codeship Enterprise by CloudBees.

Will CloudBees retain Codeship executives and employees? CloudBees will retain all Codeshippers. I am responsible for ensuring the smooth integration of the two companies.

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