CloudBees SDM Reports: Get the Actionable Insights to Deliver Better Software Faster

Written by: Michael Baldani
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The following is the final blog post in a series on CloudBees Software Delivery Management (SDM) by Michael Baldani, senior product marketing manager at CloudBees. The series explores specific capabilities and functionalities inside the platform that address top software delivery challenges at enterprises today.

To round out my series on CloudBees SDM capabilities, I will be discussing the challenges of getting reliable insights into your software delivery process. Today compiling that information requires a myriad of sources like stand ups, email, phone calls or pulling in data from different tools. That process is time consuming and subjective, resulting in reports and insights that are unreliable and often more questions. Where are the bottlenecks? Where are we wasting time? Where are the policy violations? Where can we improve? You could build your own reporting tool, but do you really want to maintain it? Probably not. There is a better way.

The reporting and querying capabilities in CloudBees SDM enables you to leverage the data from connected tools and present information to “see” where improvements can be implemented. You can access standard reports on job runs, repos and pull requests, but also create custom queries to answer specific questions about your development and delivery process. Having these insights allows you to utilize policies to drive actions, resulting in better governance, compliance and best practices within your software delivery process.

  • Standard reports show you the state of jobs, repos and pull requests, especially if any policies are being violated causing blockages

  • You can also create and edit custom queries based on the data source or tool(s) connected to the platform, so you can answer specific questions related to your software delivery process.

  • You can also visualize the results of the query. After interpreting the results, create policies to drive specific actions that can improve the process.

Ultimately, the reports capability in the CloudBess SDM platform gives you the visibility and answers to questions about your software delivery process. When paired with the policy engine, you can easily identify areas of the process that need improving, and then implement guidelines to drive the appropriate actions.

Reports and other key capabilities of CloudBees SDM and Product Hub that I've talked about are available in the preview program today. We want to give you early access to use the solution while also working directly with our product team for feedback to improve it.

Sign up for the CloudBees preview program or contact me to start a discussion and see a demo.

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