CloudBees SDM and Product Hub Help to Prioritize and Manage On-Time Software Delivery

Written by: Michael Baldani
3 min read

The following is the first in a series of blog posts on CloudBees Software Delivery Management (SDM) by Michael Baldani, senior product marketing manager at CloudBees. The series will explore specific capabilities and functionalities inside the platform that address top software delivery challenges at enterprises today.

In today’s complex application development environment, many organizations have moved from waterfall to agile in order to scale their development and deliver software to customers faster. The by-product of this for an engineering or DevOps leader is having to manage multiple projects across multiple teams and tools, which requires enormous time and effort to get an accurate view of software delivery progress and status across the organization.

But what if you could link your teams, tools and processes, giving you one central place to more easily view, plan, prioritize and manage the on-time delivery of products and features without having to access information from multiple tools? Think of the time saved from accessing different tools, sending emails or making phone calls to get even a glimpse of how development efforts are progressing towards release.

Product Hub as part of CloudBees SDM provides that one central view of all product and feature development across the organization. By leveraging information and data from all the tools in your toolchain, you'll gain visibility and insights into the effectiveness of your software delivery process allowing you to:

  • Get a centralized view of all product and feature development, where you can define products your organization is working on to connect development efforts, data, tools and teams.

  • Have insights on jobs, builds, repositories and pull requests based on data from connected tools in your toolchain so you have an overview across all jobs or repos that are part of delivering this product.

  • Identify failed builds and stalled pull requests slowing progress by instantly seeing which pull requests are stalled due to review delays or merge conflicts.

Additionally, CloudBees SDM offers a feature management capability giving you complete visibility into all feature development for a related product. You can click in to see priority level, progress, the amount of development work remaining and any blockers so you have complete control into managing the efficient delivery of those features.

I’ll provide more details into the capabilities of Feature Management in a later blog, so stay tuned.

We also want your help. The CloudBees SDM preview program is in full swing, and everything I talked about in this blog, as well as Feature Management (and much more) is available and ready to use. We want to give you early access while also working directly with our product team for feedback to improve the solution.

Sign up for the CloudBees SDM preview program or contact me to start a discussion and see a demo.

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