CloudBees Products Now Available on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Written by: Kaitlin Waite
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This blog content was contributed by: Stuart Beattie, Tim Johnson and Parker Ennis, Product Marketing Managers at CloudBees.

Creating software is no longer enough
The idea of using software innovation to create competitive advantage is not new. Many organizations have created software to both improve how they interact with customers via innovative apps and to increase internal efficiencies to deliver customer value more efficiently.

However, delivering business innovation through software is highly visible in the market. It soon becomes apparent to competitors that organizations are leveraging software to gain strategic advantages. As a result, everyone in the market quickly jumps on the software bandwagon to catch up with others in the market.

As a result, to gain and maintain any competitive advantage using software, companies have to not only develop innovations through software but also have to deliver it to the market faster so that customers and end users benefit from their first-mover advantage.

While software may not be the core business of many organizations, it certainly drives revenue for many companies. Therefore, companies have to ensure that there is a sense of urgency in their software delivery.

Tools of the trade
For years, CloudBees has helped developers optimize the delivery of new software features to customers and end users by automating the non-human part of the software development process and lowering the build and test cycle times. Automation reduces the need for developers to perform repeatable tasks, which can reduce the time they have to wait between the development of new features and their deployment to users. Developers become more productive as they can focus on doing what they do best - using their creativity to solve end user and customer problems using software.

Move to the cloud
As companies realize that the benefits outweigh the challenges or as they develop ways to mitigate the perceived risks, we see a great appetite to move workloads to the cloud. There are many reasons cited as to why moving to the cloud, and particularly a cloud marketplace is good for business. These include:

  • Procurement is simplified as software is purchased directly from the marketplace, often using existing agreements with the cloud provider

  • Deployment is quick and easy as it is taken care of in the cloud infrastructure

  • Hardware procurement and maintenance costs are nonexistent

  • Management is easy as feature and security updates are applied automatically

Overall, electing to use cloud-based software means that companies can get their software up and running quicker and find it easier to maintain, which increases overall operational efficiency and allows them to focus on delivering value to the company.

As a result of increasing demand from our customers as they realize there are benefits to be gained, we are pleased to announce that three of our products are now available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace.

So what’s available on GCP Marketplace?
CloudBees has introduced CloudBees Core, CloudBees Accelerator, CloudBees Jenkins Distribution and CloudBees Jenkins Support into the GCP Marketplace.

CloudBees Core
As an automation server for developers, Jenkins automates the non-human parts of software builds and tests so that developers can focus on solving real-world user problems. CloudBees Core extends this functionality enabling enterprises to scale CI/CD across their entire organization. With CloudBees Core, organizations can quickly and easily onboard new developer teams and integrate with many of the best-of-breed build and test tools they currently use while ensuring that they are adhering to the security and regulatory processes governing the building and testing of software.

Get CloudBees Core on the GCP Marketplace .

CloudBees Jenkins Support
While the active Jenkins community often has the answer to many questions, sometimes they don’t have them all. With CloudBees Jenkins Support, you’ll get access to the expertise you need to ensure success with Jenkins. Take advantage of on-demand support backed by an SLA, unparalleled Jenkins expertise and assisted updates from the largest group of Jenkins-certified engineers anywhere.

Get CloudBees Jenkins Support on the GCP Marketplace .

CloudBees Jenkins Distribution
Designed for development teams and organizations investing in CI/CD, CloudBees Jenkins Distribution is a free, highly dependable, distribution continually built on top of the most recent Jenkins LTS. It provides stability, security and seamless upgrades out of the box and has been rigorously tested for quality and interoperability by CloudBees engineers, ensuring teams have enterprise-proven recommended configurations and a guided upgrade path.

Get CloudBees Jenkins Distribution on the GCP Marketplace .

CloudBees Accelerator
CloudBees Accelerator cuts in half the time it takes an Android OSP (AOSP) integration build to complete using patented intelligent parallelization and build caching. Compatible with all versions of Android AOSP, including Android 10, CloudBees Accelerator eliminates the time wasted waiting for builds to complete - or fixing broken builds. CloudBees Accelerator includes a 45-day free trial to give ample room to see the value and prove the claims. Device developers can spend more time with their families this holiday season instead of waiting for builds.

Get CloudBees Accelerator on the GCP marketplace .

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