CloudBees DevOptics: Value Stream Mapping for Microservices Applications

Written by: Alex Tacho
3 min read

Applications are not getting simpler and less complex nowadays. As an industry, we are advancing how we architect our systems and deliver services for these applications to become more efficient and effective.

Breaking down your application into microservices can largely decrease complexity of developing and deploying single decoupled components. At the same time the overall system becomes more complex since more components are involved.

Value stream management helps to understand and improve the software delivery process and surfaces important DevOps metrics around throughput and stability of the overall system. Getting this visibility requires mapping of your software system and connecting different components and processes.

In a microservices world, you need the ability to model loosely coupled services as part of your overall, more complex system, to better understand if and how they are connected.

The larger and more complex the system grows the more important it gets to visualize it end to end to understand how everything connects and works together.

At CloudBees we see a large amount of customers successfully adopting microservices and practices around it. Even the CloudBees DevOptics team delivers our software as part of a microservice architecture ourselves. It is important for us to see where tickets are, how these services perform and what the overall throughput and stability of the whole system is.

We are excited to announce that in addition to general improvements to UI and UX of our value stream editor, you are now also able to map independent continuous delivery processes for microservices as sub streams and as part of an overall value stream. CloudBees DevOptics can help you.

As systems and applications become more and more complex, breaking them into microservices will be part of best practices processes in development. Having the ability to model, map and get insight into the various services will ensure the you are delivering high quality applications with the frequency of enhancements users want.

If you are interested in real time value stream management and key DevOps metrics as part of these value streams, get in touch and learn how CloudBees DevOptics can help you improve your software delivery process.

Start using CloudBees DevOptics Free to get the visibility and insights to measure, manage and improve your software delivery platform.

Check out our documentation on how to model your software delivery system .

Alex Tacho is director of product management for CloudBees DevOptics. Prior to working at CloudBees, he was director of product management at CodeShip. At CodeShip, he was involved in building a continuous integration and delivery service to help product and engineering teams automate and improve their software delivery workflows.

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