CloudBees Core on Azure Kubernetes Service is now GA

Written by: Bhavani Rao
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Continuous delivery/continuous integration is getting lots of attention. Last month, we were absolutely thrilled to hear the topic highlighted in a keynote at Microsoft Build 2018; a major conference for developers. Today, we are excited to announce that CloudBees Core (formerly known as CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise) is generally available on Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). This integrated offering combines a hosted Kubernetes service from a major cloud provider, Microsoft Azure, with a leading continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) solution, CloudBees Core. If you are a customer, you get the benefit of utilizing the power of Kubernetes to fulfill the CI/CD demands of ALL the applications in your portfolio, not just those that are cloud native.

Why is this important?

For those of you watching developments in software delivery, there have been some monumental changes. Let me elaborate. More and more organizations are not only embracing continuous delivery but utilizing microservices with RESTful APIs. They are also increasingly using a container technology, such as Docker, which has brought forth the need for a container orchestration technology. After some intense vetting amongst thought leaders and industry vendors, Kubernetes has clearly emerged as the leader. Modern software development is now geared toward creating and deploying cloud native applications, these are applications that utilize a microservice architecture, container technology and are delivered continuously.

Kubernetes is awesome - it scales automatically and is self-healing, along with a plethora of other benefits. However, it is hard to install and maintain, because it requires a high level of expertise. Kubernetes management can be a fairly complex operational task for enterprises. Azure Kubernetes Service does a great job of solving this pain point, head-on. If you are an Azure customer, you can use a hosted Kubernetes service to avoid the hassle of learning how to set up and manage Kubernetes on your own. And CloudBees has made it incredibly easy to run CloudBees Core on an AKS cluster. You can install CloudBees Core directly from the native CLI. Once CloudBees Core is installed on AKS, you can start onboarding development teams and creating CI/CD pipelines in minutes.

What are the benefits of CloudBees Core on AKS?

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Self-service CD - Quickly onboard team members and provision controllers. Enable your developers with access to a proven CI/CD tool

  • Powerful control of pipelines and jobs - Utilize a very sophisticated authorization strategy to reduce risks in software delivery

  • CD for all your applications - One CI/CD solution for all your applications regardless of whether they are modern (cloud native) or legacy applications

  • Scalable and resilient - Access an unlimited number of Jenkins controllers and agents to match your workload demand

Learn more

If you're evaluating a cloud strategy, rest assured that CloudBees has already rolled out support for all other major flavors of Kubernetes such as Amazon EKS, Google Kubernetes Engine and Redhat OpenShift Container platform. If you have already chosen Microsoft Azure as your cloud service provider, CloudBees Core is a proven CI/CD solution that integrates tightly with AKS. Learn how you can leverage the power of Jenkins and Azure Kubernetes Service with the additional resources, below.

CloudBees Core on Azure Kubernetes Service:

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