CloudBees + Codeship + a Few New Tricks = One-Stop DevOps

Written by: Brad Johnson
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A Match Made by The Market

Whether your team is just starting or trying to fully standardize on continuous delivery as part of their DevOps journey, your choices just got a bit easier! CloudBees and Codeship have joined forces in a logical match that covers key scenarios that organizations face when deciding if they should utilize a SaaS for hosted continuous integration/continuous delivery, align teams around a shared Jenkins service or continue using Jenkins but with oversight and visibility into the value flowing from their delivery pipelines.

Big Organizations Are Complicated

CloudBees knows that every enterprise wants to go faster. We also know that some teams want to scale and manage their own Jenkins-based continuous integration/continuous delivery solution for its proven versatility and applicability to any project or platform. Other teams want to get started immediately with a simple-but-powerful CI/CD service.

These different needs often make it hard for leaders to align the next steps in the journey. Since for larger organizations there is no “pure” approach to DevOps, more options from one provider allow teams to select the appropriate solution on which to grow, with expert support and guidance of a single, established leader.

Small or Large - Go Faster

DevOps maturity includes automating those tasks that makes sense to the project or team, and then choosing the most impactful optimization battles along the way. These vary among teams. This is why different teams may choose different starting points.

Codeship lets small or new teams start fast with a hosted continuous delivery approach that guides them on a proven path to have continuous delivery pipelines delivering value in less than an hour.

CloudBees Jenkins Solutions provide rock-solid, secure and scalable Jenkins for customers worldwide. With new UI support to onboard and manage teams , as well as ever-expanding native cloud support, including Kubernetes, the options for Jenkins users keep expanding.

CloudBees DevOptics lets CloudBees Jenkins Solutions users see what’s happening in the delivery stream. Now, Jenkins open source users can see more, too! We’ve made CloudBees DevOptics available to every team running Jenkins.

Consolidation for Complete Continuous Delivery

It’s an exciting time to be building software and the Codeship news has the market buzzing about our starting the new phase of “consolidation.” So many new approaches and so many new technologies are converging to help DevOps teams succeed in putting better, more competitive, more differentiated services in the hands of users, faster. Delivery pipelines have become the method-du-jour, and CloudBees continues to lead the market with solutions to orchestrate the continuous integration and continuous delivery process with Jenkins and its vibrant community. With the Codeship team now aboard, we’re excited to offer every team a clear path to continuous delivery with the most passionate experts anywhere and a technology lineup to match any DevOps need.

Get the Best of CloudBees

Now there are many paths to get started!

1. Small teams can build and run a pipeline on Codeship for free

2. Go big with continuous delivery in the cloud - Try CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on AWS

3. Jenkins users who want pipeline insight – Get a demo of CloudBees DevOptics Deliver

Brad Johnson
Vice president, subscription marketing

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