CloudBees CI Is the First EKS CI/CD Solution on AWS GovCloud Marketplace

Written by: Cordny Nederkoorn

Our continued partnership with AWS is gaining momentum. In mid-April, CloudBees CI (CloudBees Core) made its debut on the AWS Marketplace. In mid-May, AWS announced that Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) would be available in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. CloudBees CI for Modern Platforms is built on Kubernetes, and so now, we are excited to announce that we are now available on the AWS GovCloud Marketplace. In fact, CloudBees is the first and only EKS CI/CD solution offered on AWS GovCloud. 

Secure CI/CD for Government and Highly Regulated Industries

This addition to AWS GovCloud Marketplace, not so coincidentally, arrives on the heels of the huge news released earlier this month that CloudBees CI solution meets stringent United States Department of Defense standards. This certification validates that our solution is secure, hardened, tested for vulnerabilities and found to be verifiably safe for those companies and agencies with the highest security concerns. This is differentiating and exciting news for those shopping on AWS GovCloud Marketplace and looking for an EKS CI/CD solution. If you’re there, the likelihood is high that these security assurances are very meaningful (if not required) in your business.

“The Department of Defense has made software delivery a top priority. DevSecOps vendors, such as CloudBees, getting authorized to DoD standards support the mission of the Department of Defense enterprise DevSecOps initiative.” - Nicolas Chaillan, Chief Software Officer, U.S. Air Force

Why is this exciting for you?

If you’re doing business on the AWS Marketplaces already there is huge value to continuing with that procurement channel. Setting up new vendors can be a lengthy process and we want you to get productive with CloudBees CI as your EKS CI/CD solution as fast as possible. Additionally, when you purchase and deploy an AWS Marketplace solution, customers have the potential of receiving cloud credits through the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP).

What are you getting when you invest in CloudBees CI?

CloudBees CI  is a continuous integration solution for the enterprise built on the most widely used automation server in the world - Jenkins™. CloudBees CI provides flexible, governed and powerful CI/CD you can trust.

CloudBees CI is a fully-featured, cloud native solution that can be hosted on-premise or in the public cloud used to deliver CI at scale. It provides a shared, centrally managed, self-service experience for all your development teams running Jenkins.

 It’s no surprise CloudBees CI is the first EKS CI/CD solution. CloudBees is the undisputed leader in DevOps with over a decade of experience transforming companies. CloudBees CI drives innovation using the most widely adopted automation engine in the world built on open source. CloudBees CI is tool-agnostic, allowing users to embrace best-of-breed tooling. It optimizes software development by integrating with the broader ecosystem using the largest collection of plugins available anywhere, with certified plugins tested and vetted by CloudBees. It reduces risk with the ability to share policies and best practices across teams.

Why CloudBees CI and AWS Are the Right Choice for Your Secure CI/CD and Cloud Migration Strategy

Ventech Solutions works with private sector and government clients to provide IT solutions that balance speed, efficiency, and security. Read their case study to learn how the company helped a large federal healthcare organization migrate all its servers to AWS with help from CloudBees CI.

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