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Written by: Harpreet Singh
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Tuesday was a big day for CloudBees, Codeship and the greater DevOps market. We are excited that Codeship is now part of the CloudBees family!

Our mission at CloudBees has always been about helping customers deliver valuable software faster by providing them with a great continuous delivery solution. Like us, Codeship has been focused on the same mission. With Codeship, CloudBees can address an entire spectrum of use cases from turnkey SaaS for teams to departmental CI/CD on-premise and to run-your-own-SaaS for enterprises on the cloud and on-premise.

Bringing DevOps practices to your team is a journey, and together with Codeship, CloudBees can offer your team the right tools for your development practices exactly when and where you need them in your journey. Thus, this move brings more flexibility to your engineering organization.

One vendor for all use cases and sizes of customers

In our recent years, we have been laser-focused on delivering a superior CD experience for SMB and large enterprise customers, alike, on the cloud and on-premise where customers want the flexibility to offer their run-your-own-SaaS to their developers. We also continued to come across customers who want to just do CI/CD and want someone else to manage their CI/CD solution. On the other hand, Codeship consistently comes across customers who want the flexibility and scale to drive their own SaaS.

Together, we can serve both sets of customers extremely well.

CloudBees and Codeship share customers where some teams are leveraging both the Codeship SaaS solution and the CloudBees platform to provide the tooling that works best for each team. Now they are able to get all that from a single vendor.

About CloudBees and Codeship synergies

Codeship was born in the cloud, and offers a rich SaaS platform to build, test and deploy your cloud native applications. Turn-key deployments to targets like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud are mixed with highly-customizable and flexible custom deployments using container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

“We were up and running within a day and sped up our development by orders of magnitude.”
- Ryan Fisch, Placester, Codeship Customer

Codeship’s strong focus on cloud native and the container ecosystem helps your teams get containerized applications to production, all while using containers to speed up your build processes and make your development lifecycle more efficient.

Container technology has been a focus for CloudBees in the last three years, with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise running on Mesos and now on Kubernetes to deliver a truly scalable enterprise CI/CD solution to customers. Thus, we’re excited to offer that expertise and maturity to our users wherever they are – cloud or on-premise.

What does this mean for the DevOps Market and for our customers?

DevOps practices, and in particular CI/CD, are really something organizations of all sizes, development practices or technologies are aspiring to introduce to their teams. The problems that engineering organizations set out to solve with CI/CD are universal, like automating delivery workflows and reducing risk of defects and regressions, although the scale and complexity of them might vary.

CloudBees and Codeship combined are able to offer the full spectrum of solutions, from a SaaS-based CI/CD focused on best practices, to a large-scale enterprise run-your-own-SaaS CI/CD solution provided by the CloudBees product lines. CloudBees offers you the ability to grow and expand in the ever-changing world of DevOps. Whether your organization is running on classic architecture or fully buying into cloud native patterns, like a highly-available Kubernetes cluster, teams can pick the right CI/CD tooling for them.

This news also indicates the growing maturity and importance of the DevOps market, where customers are demanding enterprise-level features, support, scale and maturity from their vendors. CloudBees with Codeship strengthens CloudBees position as the number one vendor of choice for customers with products and support that customers have come to love.

Peering into the near future

There are exciting plans ahead for what the combined portfolio will be able to offer. One that I can share is that we have just launched a product called CloudBees DevOptics Deliver that helps customers understand and quantify the benefits of CI/CD by providing unprecedented insight into the software value stream. We will be looking forward to bringing the benefits of CloudBees DevOptics Deliver to Codeship customers.

Watch this space,

Harpreet Singh is vice-president of products at CloudBees .
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