Rollout Joins CloudBees Family

Written by: Erez Rusovsky

"You want to put the fire out first and then worry about the fire code"

- Ben Bernanke

Today we are incredibly excited to announce that has been acquired by CloudBees. When we founded Rollout, we set a goal to help software teams mitigate the risk of making changes to software that is already in production. Like others, we understood that in order to enable true software craftsmanship, to allow a team to manifest creativity and ideas into customer value, you must have automation in place. Your testing suite should run continuously as part of your integration suite, on every commit, and deploying code should be as easy as tagging a branch. Then you can focus on designing your code and product, and hope for the best when it reaches production. But how is it possible to enjoy true creativity and freedom, when in production, make-no-mistakes is your number one priority. When there is no ability to mitigate risk, there is no responsible risk-taking. When you can’t take risks - you are locked. Six years ago we set out to tackle that last piece of the puzzle. What started as a novel hot patching system for mobile has evolved into a full-blown feature management service, CloudBees Feature Management. Designed for engineering teams from the ground up. The more we worked with customers on their feature delivery, the more we saw feature flags help companies take more responsible risks and become genuinely agile and continuous. We have seen first-hand how companies using CloudBees Feature Management release more frequently, have less downtime and are testing new features constantly, increasing their creativity and pace of innovation. Feature management has a huge opportunity ahead of it, it is one of the simplest yet powerful mechanisms you can have in your toolbox. Long term, we believe feature management is not only going to change software delivery but also software as a whole, making software adaptive to its customers. When we started talking to the guys at CloudBees on various ways we can integrate CloudBees Feature Management with CloudBees products (Jenkins, Jenkins X, CloudBees Code, DevOptics, CodeShip) we kept seeing how much our missions are aligned. How both CloudBees Feature Management and CloudBees are helping companies move faster (safely!) and how feature flags and CI/CD complement each other to truly be continuous, increasing the pace of innovation. When the CloudBees team reached out in regards to joining forces, we knew that the customer benefits would be huge. This is a classic case of 1+1 = 3. CloudBees is already leading the industry with the best and most widely used open source CI/CD solution and CloudBees Feature Management engineers have been working to create a first-in-class infrastructure, engineering focused feature flagging solution. By combining powers, we are going to accelerate our vision to help teams move faster, innovate and become truly continuous. We are all excited about the road and work ahead of us and looking forward to changing how software is built, delivered and managed. - Erez & Eyal

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