CloudBees Accelerator Developer Edition – enabling the power of fast reliable builds everywhere!

Written by: Electric Bee
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> Run build…, …, …, Still waiting? …? Still waiting? …? Are you STILL waiting for your slow build to complete? > Finally done? Successful? Good! - Why is your build so slow? - Still struggling with management of your complex build dependencies? > Modify some code. Synchronize from version control system. > Run build…, wait…, … > BOOM. Error. Darn. Why did my build fail? > Traverse log file(s). Find error. Understand error. - Should it really be that hard to debug failed builds? > Clean up. Run build again…, …, …, waiting again? > Finally done? Good! - But what? - Did you have to run a clean build just because your incremental builds are unreliable? > Log off big high-end build server. > Done. Go home for the day. > Work at night on the laptop. Run build… wait…, wait… - Again – why all of this waiting? I see, you don’t have that fast access to your centralized build server? - Your development organization not yet large enough to justify the investment in CloudBees Accelerator to power your Private Build Cloud? - Suffering from not having access to your high-end internal build infrastructure all the times?

With the latest 6.0 release of CloudBees Accelerator that went out the door a few weeks back, CloudBees proudly announced the availability of CloudBees Accelerator Developer Edition – enabling the power of fast reliable builds everywhere! What’s so significant about this new edition of CloudBees Accelerator? A whole list of things: 1. Reliability . All the technology in CloudBees Accelerator that helps to guarantee reliable builds every time is still there: a. Adaptive Conflict Detection – the secret sauce of CloudBees Accelerator: giving you fast, reliable parallel builds, regardless of how (im)perfect your makefiles and tools are. b. Automatic Dependency Management – automatically generates dependency information for you, eliminating the need to manage that data yourself and as such, enables reliable incremental builds, everytime. c. The Ledger feature for improved incremental builds – completely eliminating the flaky reliance on timestamps for determining what targets needs to be rebuilt. d. Subbuilds , for those of you still dealing with recursive makefile structures 2. Speed . You will still benefit from a decade’s worth of inventions that has made it the fastest available build technology on the planet, proven by the many hundreds of customers around the world that are powering their Private Build Clouds by CloudBees Accelerator. 3. Analysis . With ElectricInsight , developers get the unique capability to quickly debug and analyze build failures as well as pinpoint performance problems or architectural flaws in a build structure. 4. Isolation . You no longer need a centralized enterprise build infrastructure to benefit from all the features of CloudBees Accelerator. In essence, no need for the CloudBees Accelerator Cluster Manager when your build will run locally and fully utilize the horsepower of your desktop or laptop. 5. Integration . If your organization happens to have an existing Private Build Cloud powered by CloudBees Accelerator already, CloudBees Accelerator Developer Edition will seamlessly plug in as a hybrid extension and whenever possible, federate out workload to the remote CloudBees Accelerator Cluster. 6. Independence . You can run CloudBees Accelerator Developer Edition anywhere, everywhere. As long as you have local access to your source code and toolchain, there is no requirement for network access or external build infrastructure. With the low price-point at where we’re offering CloudBees Accelerator Developer Edition, I can’t wait getting out to the masses evangelizing and proving the case for it – giving an answer to many of the bold questions asked above also for individual developers and the smaller development shops out there. Stay Tuned!

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