CloudBees Accelerator: Another Month, Another 3 Million Hours Saved

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Another month of data is in. A sample of our customers saved about 360 years in development time using CloudBees Accelerator to speed their build and test cycles. Sadly the savings are down a little bit from June (by about 40 years), but that’s probably due to the August vacation time.

Another way to look at it is that these companies were able to spend three and a half centuries on innovation and product quality than their competitors.

cloudbees accelerator september 2019 usage

So what’s that really worth?

One of the main errors we’ve seen in ROI calculators or discussions of developer productivity is the use of a simple time and money algorithm. You know the kind: You take the cost of a fully burdened developer (benefits, assets, support, etc.), factor in their hourly rate, then multiply by the hours saved per developer to get an amazing ROI. The numbers are ALWAYS amazing - just plug your own numbers into this equation and multiply by 3,000,000. Why wouldn’t you want to save all that money?

The fallacy of the above calculation is the developers are going to be paid for an entire year anyway so you aren’t ‘saving’ any money.

So it’s really about the value of how the time is spent versus the cost savings*. What are you paying your developers to do: innovate or play ping pong? Find and fix bugs or stand around drinking coffee? Enjoy their work or spend hours fixing stuff that shouldn’t have broken while their families spend another weekend without them?

We suspect you’d rather have your developers spend their time enjoying their work and creating stuff that keeps you competitive. If that’s you, take a look at CloudBees Accelerator or ask to see a demo.  

*(If you really value cost savings, we can also show you how these customers got these amazing results on about a third of the infrastructure they were previously using to go MUCH more slowly.)

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