CloudBees Accelerator® 9.0 Goes Ninja with Android N (and JACK, and Coverity, and Debian, and RHEL…)

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CloudBees Accelerator is already the best way to dramatically shrink CI cycles and get more from your infrastructure and developers. It just got better. We’ve added support for new build systems, expanded platform support, improved performance and expanded its troubleshooting capabilities. We recommend every CloudBees Accelerator customer upgrade to version 9.0 – every customer, no matter what version they are on, is sure to benefit from it. Full instructions on downloading and upgrading are in the CloudBees Accelerator Installation and Configuration Guide . If you can’t wait to download and read the CloudBees Accelerator v9.0 release notes , here’s a summary of what’s new and improved:

New Build Systems

Android and Chromium open source communities will be happy to note that CloudBees Accelerator 9.0 now includes first-class support for the Ninja build system.

More Platforms

Yes, we do know JACK. CloudBees Accelerator now supports the latest version of Android Nougat (7.0.1) and the corresponding version of JACK.

Performance Improvements

We didn’’t stop with just adding Android N & JACK support. We’ve dramatically improved the performance of Android builds with improvements to the JobCache add-on for Linux, including caching for Java compilations and Java Android Compiler Kit (JACK) commands. Also, developers can now eliminate costly and redundant rebuilding of unchanged modules with the new Shared JobCache feature. Multiple developers can also reuse the build output from a golden build by simultaneously accessing the common (shared) cache in read-only mode. We didn’t stop with just shared Jobcache, either. CloudBees Accelerator now supports the latest versions of Coverity C/C++ builds. We’ve even included example scripts in the installer to make integration that much easier. All the details are in installation guide mentioned above. If Nougat wasn’t enough, we’ve added support for Debian and Red Hat Linux. We now support the 64-bit distributions of Debian 7 and 8 and the 32- and 64-bit RHEL 6.8 platforms. CloudBees Accelerator Supported Platforms has a complete list of supported platforms and configurations.

Troubleshooting Improvements

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned so we have taken the time to improve CloudBees Accelerator’s troubleshooting capabilities. There’s additional annotation to determine reasons for rebuilding incremental builds and there’s now out-of-the-box performance metrics in annotations.


Our Product Management team will be happy to help you with questions about this release. Feel free to contact them at .

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