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Written by: Katherine Lam
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Today, CloudBees CodeShip and GitHub is shipping a new integrated experience that makes it easier for developers to connect their repos in GitHub with CloudBees CodeShip . Together, we provide a way for developers to setup CI/CD from GitHub in minutes, streamlining your development workflow.

GitHub has been a trusted platform for millions of developers, to help them store and collaborate on projects. We’re proud to create this integration to make it easier for any repository to add CI, run tests and improve software quality. We’ve set out to build an experience to help developers increase the velocity to ship stuff that matters.

"It’s important to GitHub that we provide developers with the best experience on our open platform. We’re thrilled to bring CodeShip to GitHub Marketplace and see what people can do with this improved connection to one of the leading CI providers."

- Kyle Daigle, Director of Ecosystem Engineering, GitHub

Getting started

To get started, go to the GitHub Marketplace and search for the CodeShip App .
Here’s what it will look like.

Next, head to the Pricing and Setup Section and select a plan. You can sign up for a free plan to get started. All of our paid plans include unlimited builds.

After you’ve chosen a plan, GitHub will ask you to confirm the purchase. When this step is finished, you will be asked to authorize CloudBees CodeShip to access your GitHub account.

Now, you’re ready to get started. We’re excited to have you test CloudBees CodeShip. Be sure to check out our QuickStart Guide to get started on your first build. If you have questions, email us at . Our first class support team is standing by.

The integration of CloudBees CodeShip with GitHub makes it quick to adopt CI so you can test early and often. As a developer, you will get all these benefits by integrating CloudBees CodeShip directly into your GitHub workflow.

Fast, easy and customizable

With faster feedback cycles, local debugging, build caching and customized environments, CloudBees CodeShip helps you build the products your users love.

Simple setup

Simple and easy to configure out of the box. Connect with GitHub and deploy to any cloud environment you choose.

Fastest CI on the market

Optimized to achieve no wait times and fast builds. Run as many actions in parallel as you need for the fastest feedback possible.

Start free and scale up as needed

Every GitHub user gets a free build container and 100 monthly builds to start. CloudBees CodeShip can help scale as your team grows and your needs change.

Integrates with everything

From one-click deployments to Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, to notification and monitoring integrations and more, CloudBees CodeShip will integrate with any tool or service your team uses alongside your CI/CD process.

CloudBees and GitHub have had a long relationship serving developers, and this is just the next step. We know there are many other ways we can make software development better for developers. We’re excited to share this journey with you.

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