A Note of Appreciation

Written by: Stephen DeWitt
3 min read

When I joined CloudBees in early 2021 – in the middle of the pandemic – I saw immense potential for the company and I still do today. In fact, I see even greater possibility on the horizon as software shapes our everyday experiences. I see a company that’s on a remarkable trajectory in a vital industry. A company that is truly transforming the way software is built and released into the world. A company that has some of the world’s most complex enterprises on its customer roster. A Hive full of Bees passionate about their purpose and together creating a company that’s changing the world.

During the past year, we welcomed new investors to the CloudBees journey, and secured the funding needed for the company to drive its next chapter in innovation and scale. We’ve added nearly 200 new Bees to our company and continued to improve how we operate. I’m extremely proud of the work we did to reach this critical stage. As we turn now to face the future, our opportunity has never been greater.

I recently made the decision to step down as CEO of CloudBees, and although my reasons for doing so are difficult and deeply personal, I’m confident knowing that it is the right thing for me and my family. I am also confident that I am leaving the company in a position of strength, ready to take on the next phase of growth. While I leave behind an amazing company that’s full of potential, it’s the employees – the Bees – that I will miss most. Yes, I have been the company’s leader, but I am not the company’s only leader. CloudBees has many, including Sacha Labourey, the company’s co-founder and the visionary leader who will now serve as interim-CEO until the next CEO is identified. 

At CloudBees, my job as CEO has been to move the business forward while helping the team achieve their own goals and career aspirations. But Bees aren’t just about the work they do. We have families and passions outside of work that make up the rich fabric of who we are and what we give back to the world and those around us. As the company leader, I knew that giving them space to do what they need to do for their families paid back dividends to the company tenfold. As one of my favorite characters, Ted Lasso, says “doing the right thing is never the wrong thing.” I know this is the right decision for me and my family. 

During this period of transition, what remains constant is the company’s vision for the future of DevOps, the immense value it brings to customers, its operational excellence, and the dedication of each and every Bee.


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