2012 - it's a wrap

Written by: Michael Neale
1 min read

So, a belated end of 2012 wrap up post.

It has, as always, been a busy year. A lot of quite novel projects were delivered, and I wanted to call out some highlights here (there are many more, of course):

  • new developer.cloudbees.com - better docs, better site, more content, more open source !

  • ClickStarts - quick starts: press one button and build an entire stack (great place to get started with new projects and trying new things out) - build, database, app, you name it.

  • Buildhive - build your open source projects on github (it auto detects project type)

  • ClickStacks - any runtime on cloudbees (no longer just JVM !)

  • CloudBees open source on github

  • Google AppEngine integration (and google account login)

Quite a list !

So, it wouldn't be a holiday post without an embarrassing set of family photos (see below).

On a personal note somehow I (Michael) managed to fit in a round the world tour.

Happy 2013 !

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