Webinar Recap: Choose Your Own DevOps with CloudBees Flow Winter '19

Written by: Electric Bee
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During the planning stage of our latest product release, CloudBees Flow Winter '19, one of the things our product team kept top of mind was how to empower the "humans of DevOps". The goal was simple, go beyond delivering the groundbreaking features CloudBees is known for and add value to our customers' work while giving them an advantage in the market. We wanted to make it easier to unlock the value of CloudBees Flow and help increase the day-to-day efficiency for our customers. At the same time, we wanted to address the market's request for a unified DevOps platform that anyone on the team could use in way that is personalized to their role. In our most recent webinar , we've popped the hood up on the newest CloudBees Flow release to showcase the elements that aid in the consumerization of Continuous Delivery . Or, put more simply, delivering IT in an easier way and giving everyone on the team an ownership and stake in DevOps. Sam Fell (CloudBees VP of Marketing) and Hans Ashlock (Director, Technical Marketing) shared how to kick-off pipelines and releases in an automated and hands-off way, eliminate the friction in the process when dealing with gate approvals, view your release progress over time, and more!

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