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Written by: Jeff Fry
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Last month, we announced the availability of CloudBees Jenkins Distribution . It's built on top of the most recent Jenkins Long-Term Support (LTS) release and is free to download . CloudBees Jenkins Distribution includes CloudBees' proprietary plugins that enhance your Jenkins CI/CD by improving the maintenance, security and stability of Jenkins by including:

  • CloudBees Jenkins Advisor . Periodically scans support bundles for potential issues and recommends updates to the CloudBees Jenkins Distribution instance. Teams can receive the recommendations in the form of a report via email; learn more .

  • CloudBees Assurance Program . Automatically monitors and modifies CloudBees Jenkins Distribution plugins along with their versions and dependencies for compatibility and security. Teams can rely on the collection of plugins in the CloudBees Assurance Program, as the plugins and dependencies are thoroughly tested and verified by CloudBees experts; learn more .

  • Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant . Provides an administrative dashboard to the CloudBees Assurance Program, helping teams get a centralized view of all their CloudBees Jenkins Distribution plugins with recommended actions and configuration options; learn more .

In an effort to get development teams started with CI/CD quickly and leverage their favorite cloud providers, we are announcing the availability of CloudBees Jenkins Distribution in the marketplaces of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean and Google Cloud Platform. Why is this important? It provides an easier and faster way to get up and running with Jenkins in the cloud with a secure by default and stable Jenkins environment. Through these marketplaces, you can deploy CloudBees Jenkins Distribution in just a few minutes and have your cloud infrastructure configured for you "automagically." With just a few clicks and a few minutes you get:

  • A VPC in your cloud account.

  • A pre-configured virtual machine of the size you choose to host the software.

  • Apache and CloudBees Jenkins Distribution installed, configured and ready to go.

  • All IPs, secure networking, routing, firewalls configured.

CloudBees Jenkins Distribution marketplace deployment

This is your fast track to getting a secure and stable Jenkins running in the cloud with ease.

But wait, there’s more! Deploy from these marketplaces and take advantage of their free offerings! Who doesn’t want free software and free cloud?

CloudBees Jenkins Distribution was enabled in the cloud through our continued strong partnerships with Amazon, DigitalOcean, Google and Microsoft. We have much more to come through these cloud partnerships over the next few months and will be excited to share them with you.

To launch CloudBees Jenkins Distribution now in the cloud use the following marketplace links. Check out the accompanying videos for a quick preview of deploying CloudBees Jenkins Distribution from each marketplace.

And don't forget, if you need Jenkins support and guidance, check out our CloudBees Jenkins Support . Our Jenkins experts can help guide you through best practices and strategies for your Jenkins environment, automation and software delivery processes.

Need more information? Hear from CloudBees, AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure on May 30th during our webinar. Register here .

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