Jenkins World Speaker Highlight: Secure Container Development Pipelines with Jenkins

Written by: Hannah Inman
2 min read
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This is a guest post by Jenkins World speaker Anthony Bettini, Founder and CEO at FlawCheck .

At FlawCheck, we're really excited about presenting to the Jenkins community at the upcoming Jenkins World 2016 in Santa Clara! FlawCheck will be presenting on "Secure Container Development Pipelines with Jenkins" in Exhibit Hall C, on Day 2 (September 14) from 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM. At FlawCheck, most of our time is spent with customers who are using Jenkins to build Docker containers, but are concerned about the security risks. FlawCheck's enterprise customers want to use enterprise policies to define which containers, they are building with Jenkins, reach production and then continuously monitor them for compliance.

Building security into the software development lifecycle is already difficult for large enterprises following a waterfall development process. With Docker, particularly in continuous integration and continuous deployment environments, the challenge is even more difficult. Yet, for enterprises to do continuous deployment, security needs to be coupled with the build and release process and the process needs to be fully automated, scalable and reliable.

If you're interested in container security and security of open source software passing through Jenkins environments, we'd encourage you to grab a seat at the FlawCheck talk, "Secure Container Development Pipelines with Jenkins" in Exhibit Hall C, on Day 2 (September 14) from 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter @FlawCheck and register for a free account at .

Anthony Bettini
Founder and CEO

This is a guest post written by Jenkins World 2016 speaker Anthony Bettini. Leading up to the event, there will be many more blog posts from speakers giving you a sneak peak of their upcoming presentations. Like what you see? Register for Jenkins World! For 20% off, use the code JWHINMAN

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