Come to CloudBees Days and Learn About the Technologies Driving DevOps

Written by: April Mace
2 min read
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The workshops offered at CloudBees Days are hands-on, working sessions created especially for developers. In each one, you will have an opportunity to learn about the technologies that are driving the future of software development. For example, are you part of a team that is building or re-architecting cloud native applications? You need to know about Jenkins X. It’s hot, hot, hot! So is Kubernetes. But Kubernetes is challenging to ramp up on, even though it is clearly the technology of choice to develop cloud native apps. In one of the planned workshops, members of my solution architect team will be showing how Jenkins X makes cloud native application development with Kubernetes easy peasy.

In addition to workshops on Jenkins X and Kubernetes, we will also show you how solutions from CloudBees - such as CloudBees Core, CloudBees DevOptics, CloudBees CodeShip - provide additional goodness for software developers. The CloudBees Suite provides greater governance, scalability and visibility than Jenkins, alone, can provide for the workloads you need to support.

But CloudBees Days is not all about CloudBees, by any means. We also have trusted partners who are leading workshops on other great topics. Depending on which city you attend a CloudBees Days event in, you’ll also learn from experts at: Accenture , about using Jenkins with SaaS apps; Sonatype will lead a session on security at DevSecOps speed; Google Cloud , about running Jenkins on Google Cloud Platform; Gradle on maximizing developer productivity, and more.

In each of the workshop sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn about the technologies that are here and now, and will be driving the future of software development for the foreseeable future. Even more importantly, along with the technology topics, you’ll also learn how to play a critical role in your company's DevOps transformation initiatives.

These sessions are a must for any developer who wants to be more productive, while helping their teams and organizations reach business goals. Sign up today - with CloudBees Days coming to 19 cities across the US and EMEA, there is bound to be a location near you !

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