CloudBees Feature Flags Are Now Available on AWS Marketplace!

Written by: Nick Rendall
4 min read
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The partnership between AWS and CloudBees continues to grow! Building on announcements of CloudBees CI (CloudBees Core) being available in the AWS Marketplace and CloudBees being the only EKS CI/CD solution offered on the AWS GovCloud Marketplace, we are excited to announce that CloudBees Feature Flags is now available on the AWS Marketplace!

Why is this exciting for you?

If you’re doing business on the AWS Marketplaces already, there is huge value to continuing with that procurement channel. Setting up new vendors can be a lengthy process and we want you to be able to realize the benefits feature flags as quickly as possible. Additionally, when you purchase and deploy an AWS Marketplace solution, customers have the potential of receiving cloud credits through the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP).

What are you getting when investing in CloudBees Feature Flags on the AWS Marketplace?

Enterprise feature flag usage is rapidly increasing in the world of DevOps due to the clear benefits in reduced risk in releases, developer productivity, and shortened feedback loops between users and developers. However, most companies start their feature flag usage with internal “homegrown” systems that cannot fit the needs of growing enterprise development teams over time due to scaling issues around infrastructure, data privacy and security, governance, and desired advanced functionality.

CloudBees Feature Flags, built on top of AWS, allows you to successfully scale feature flag management as the practice grows across your global development teams. Our platform allows you to divide large software releases into discrete, controllable features. By decoupling feature deployment from code release, you can test and tailor customer experiences in production in real-time, with the flip of a switch. This drastically reduces risk and no longer requires business and development teams to work in lockstep during a release.

CloudBees Feature Flags is the industry’s most secure enterprise feature flag management tool as its unique architecture collects no personally identifiable information (PII). Further, the tool is specifically geared at driving developer productivity with native config-as-code functionality. It directly integrates with other CloudBees Software Delivery Automation(SDA) and Software Delivery Management(SDM) solutions to drive greater value, functionality and visibility out of the entire CI/CD toolchain.

CloudBees Feature Flags and AWS provide scalability, privacy, and fault tolerance for global enterprises 

CloudBees Feature Flags uses a unique stateless architecture, meaning each SDK pulls a static JSON file from our storage on AWS.

“When we began designing the architecture for CloudBees Feature Flags, it became clear that we need a powerful solution for enterprises that would scale to their needs regardless of future usage of growth. Our stateless architecture combined with AWS infrastructure gave us that future-proofing," said Erez Rusovsky, director of product management for CloudBees Feature Flags.

This architecture provides:

  • Scale - It doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of users or millions of users, the SDK fetches a static file from AWS

  • Speed - No computation is done on the CloudBees Feature Flags servers. All flag computation is done in memory on the target platform

  • Resiliency - CloudBees Feature Flags servers are NOT in the critical path of your software. If CloudBees Feature Flags is down for some reason, you will simply be unable to make flag changes via the dashboard but there will be no impact on your application. Also, the SDKs have a caching mechanism. In the case of a network issue, the effects are minimal as well.

  • Privacy - CloudBees Feature Flags does not send or know any of your users' private data - everything happens on the target application.

  • Global Usage - CloudBees Feature Flags leverages the power of Amazon CloudFront for its Content Delivery Network (CDN). The deliberate inclusion of CloudFront in our architecture provides a unique advantage over other technologies' CDN systems that report outages and difficulties in certain geographic areas. In short, this part of the CloudBees Feature Flags infrastructure alleviates developers from creating proxies or requiring bootstrapping that would otherwise be necessary to maintain a connection in problematic regions.

Together, CloudBees Feature Flags and AWS provide companies with a scalable, enterprise-ready solution for feature flag management that will grow as their companies do!


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