Squeeze More Juice Out of Jenkins: Manage Large Jobs, RBAC and Others with Nectar 11.04

Written by: Harpreet Singh

Following up on the release of first version of Nectar in October of last year, CloudBees has released the next version of Nectar (version 11.04). This release includes features targeted towards large deployments, managing users/roles.

In addition to fixes to the core, we have released four premium plugins:

Folders: Organize large number of jobs into hierarchical folders, much like how you organize files in directories in your file system.

Role-based Access Control: Define roles, groups and tie them into your underlying authentication mechanisms. Define white-list and black lists for projects. Folders plus RBAC allow you to define roles at jobs level – bringing an unprecedented flexibility for managing a large number of jobs.

Throttle Builds: Throttle build executions on virtual machines that share the same host. Useful if you have executors that share same physical resources underneath. This feature is useful alongwith the “VMWare vCenter auto-scaling” plugin available since Nectar 10.10

Wiki-syntax for decriptions: Lets users write project descriptions in wiki-syntax instead of raw-html. This prevents users from mounting XSS attacks.

Learn more in an upcoming webinar: Stephen Connolly, a core-Jenkins contributor and a CloudBees architect will be giving a webinar on 5/25 talking about all Nectar features.

You can register for the webinar here .

Finally, we are presenting a webinar called “Stairway to Heaven” that describes how the CloudBees Platform can take you to the cloud and beyond on 5/18. Register here .

- Harpreet Singh, Senior Director of Product Management

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