Lots of new stuff - September 2012 edition

Written by: Michael Neale
1 min read
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So in all the excitement - it has been a bit hard to keep track of what is new, here is a summary for those who have missed out over the last month or so:

  • ClickStarts werelaunched

    • One click continuous deployment, forkable on github !

  • GoogleAppEngine integration launched

    • Continuous deployment to Google App Engine, sign in with your google account

  • ClickStacks launched (more on this later)

    • Customisable runtime containers

  • Run "bare" JVM apps on CloudBees

    • Anything that has a "main" method

  • JDK6, 7 and 8 available

  • New developer.cloudbees.com site with moar content

    • Pretty. And useful

  • User support/community moving to StackOverflow

Please give the above a try, kick the tyres and light the fires !

Maybe we should spread these out a bit, lest it look like we are slacking the rest of the time (we work hard all the time, honest !)

--- Michael

(@michaelneale on twitter and app.net)

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