Episode 46: Manisha Arora of Veertu Takes a Bite Out of iOS DevOps

Written by: Diana Hwang
3 min read

DevOps RadioIn episode 46 of DevOps Radio, Michael (Mic) Neale, engineering manager and co-founder of CloudBees, and Karen Taggart, senior customer success manager at CloudBees, are joined by Manisha Arora co-founder of Veertu . Manisha talks about Veertu's space in the market specifically how the company has built an ecosystem of software development solutions in the previously uninhabited iOS space.

Mic starts out with the admission that he spends about four hours on his phone a day, giving him a vested interest in iOS and mobile development, which prompts the question, 'Why are iOS dev tools so terrible?' Manisha explains how iOS has long been on the sidelines and as mobile application development tools evolved the gap became more apparent. Veertu offers iOS developers with a solution to mirror the tools that previously have only been available for Linux and Windows for MacOS development. All of this is supported by Anka, Veertu's technology platform, built to support iOS DevOps work within containers.

The discussion then transitions to the differences between Android and iOS development. Historically, there has been no infrastructure for iOS application development since Apple predominantly focuses on the consumer side. But now with the growth in the iOS space, it has come to a point where this is demanding the same attention and development as Android for enterprises. Manisha says this is all a progression toward the goal to run any app, anywhere.

Unlike Mic, Karen admits she is not an Apple user, but wants to understand how Manisha found herself immersed in iOS development. Manisha explains she originated in Android development, so her arrival at iOS was completely opportunistic and along the way she’d encountered the industry’s evolution from pre-cloud to cloud to serverless to stateless. From there, she became interested in mobile continuous integration (CI.)

Before wrapping up the episode, Karen and Mic have a few more questions about how to build and test in iOS that are different than what’s being done in the enterprise. Manisha explains one of the biggest differences is Apple’s simulated base testing that can only be done with their native tool that only is used by iOS. MacOS is a closed ecosystem and has tight integrations and dependencies while Android’s simulator is open source, giving users more options. This might change in the future though… we’ll have to see! Until then Veertu will be there to support iOS development.

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