Continuous Delivery with Grails and CloudBees

Written by: Nicolas De Loof
1 min read

Following our previous blog post on Clojure , you may wonder if your favorite alternative web stack is supported on CloudBees Platform as a Service (PaaS).

The short answer is yes , as long as it runs on the JVM and can be packaged as a WAR archive. To be more precise, each JVM-based language has its own tools and frameworks, that can nicely integrate with CloudBees as long as the adequate plugin is provided.

Taking Groovy and Grails as a sample, DEV@Cloud provides the grails Jenkins plugin and runtimes to build and test applications, and the community contributed grails-cloud-bees plugin can manage deployment to RUN@Cloud.

Skillsmatter is organizing the Grails eXchange conference in London next week, and we will demonstrate this combination in collaboration with Grails plugin author, Marco Vermeulen . Meet us there!


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