Continuous Delivery & DevOps at Scale: Going from 2,000 to 40,000 developers worldwide

Written by: Electric Bee

We keep talking about the benefits of end-to-end Continuous Delivery and DevOps implementation in large-scale enterprises . But --
What do we mean by "large"? How largeis "large-scale"?
What does it take to get to DevOps and Continuous Delivery at scale?
Is it only for unicorns?, or can you get the benefits of CD in traditional large-scale enterprises - for example, in a complex embedded software environment?
Huawei proves you can. And that they know large huge -scale.
Huawei is a $40-billion China-based company with 150,000 employees that delivers communication technologies for telecom carriers, enterprises and consumers. Its telecom network equipment, IT products and solutions, and smart devices are used in 170 countries and regions.
In his recent article on SD Times , Anders Wallgren - CloudBees's CTO - walks us through Huawei's DevOps and CD implementation journey, and how they scaled their software delivery infrastructure to support more than 40,000 developers worldwide , servicing more than 1,000 applications. By implementing DevOps and Continuous Delivery to streamline, scale and transform its software delivery processes, Huawei was able to achieve significant growth, reduce the cost of delivering software, increase resource utilization and productivity and achieve faster time to market with higher quality.
Read the full article on SD Times to learn about the drivers and benefits of Huawei's CD implementation and get a sense for what we mean when talk about DevOps and CD at Scale.

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