Connecting DevOps and the Service Desk at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019

Written by: Gabriel Martinez
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DevOps World Jenkins World 2019 LisbonAs DevOps continues to mature, organizations may or may not be aware that there is a significant gap between DevOps and ITIL or Enterprise Systems Management (ESM). Regardless of an organization’s level of awareness, one thing is certain -- this disconnect is slowing down service delivery.

One of the underlying issues here is that having these two different philosophies siloed within an IT organization prevents these teams from delivering the value needed for business transformation. Additionally, this bottleneck is in direct conflict with a business that is seeking to adopt true continuous delivery. The most obvious question is “How do I successfully marry these practices together?”

At DevOps | Jenkins World in Lisbon, this question and many others will be answered in a joint presentation given by TOPdesk and CloudBees. Attendees will benefit from learning how a shared data model and unified toolchain ensures rapid feedback for all stakeholders; how model-driven, refactorable pipelines helped TOPdesk simplify product architecture while providing better overall service; and how automation and visibility reduced release cycles from 9 months to 2 weeks (with a goal of 15 minutes).

We will also unpack how Service Delivery Management (SDM) organizations will be able to tie together all artifacts, data, and events across an organization’s DevOps toolchain and beyond, into a unified system of record.

Before you board the plane to enjoy all the beauty that Portugal and Lisbon have to offer, make sure and mark your calendar for December 4, 2019 | 2:45pm (GMT) for “From Silos of ESM + DevOps to Service Delivery Management”. Bookmark this page for easy access to the details of this session and to share it.

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Vejo você lá!

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