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Written by: Michael Neale

It is a bit old school, but as they say "no school like the old school" - you can reach CloudBeesdevelopers on # cloudbeeson the IRC server

For those who are not familiar with IRC applications - there are many good ones available for each platform if you are interested.

For those who really don't want the hassle, happily you can use the freenode web chat UI - with just your browser. Head on over to

and then enter in your details:

The channel name is #cloudbees

You will find someone online most times of the day, from different parts of the world - feel free to just chat or ask questions or advice. Do note that it is a public room, not official support and you may get advice from non-CloudBees staff! (but that is just fine).

Enjoy !

Michael Neale, Elite Developer and Architect

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