CloudBees SDM Policies Drive Governance and Best Practices for Your SDLC

Written by: Michael Baldani
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The following is the third blog post in a series on CloudBees Software Delivery Management (SDM) by Michael Baldani, senior product marketing manager at CloudBees. The series explores specific capabilities and functionalities inside the platform that address top software delivery challenges at enterprises today.

In my last blog , I noted how difficult it can be trying to manage the efficient delivery of features, when development of those features -or enhancements or bug fixes- is spread across multiple projects and teams. While our feature management capability provides the comprehensive visibility to help you plan, prioritize and manage the on-time delivery of features, how can you ensure the overall software delivery process is done the right way - with proper security protocols and governance in place? And what about trying to be proactive by implementing guidelines that improve efficiency and best practices, so you are really delivering better software, faster to your customers?

A key capability in Product Hub provides a policy engine that enables you to define rules to drive specific actions, resulting in better governance, compliance and best practices within your software delivery process. This ultimately helps build and continuously improve an environment in which your product teams can deliver safe, quality software, quickly.

  • Policies are rules that can be defined and applied to a data set, and evaluated against a chosen criteria, resulting in an action when the policy evaluation is true.

  • Action can be annotated in the UI, notifications, webhooks or trigger action within third party tools.

  • You will instantly see where policy violations are happening across the process and product teams by badges attached to jobs, repos, pull requests, tickets, as well as at the feature level.

For those product teams using Slack as a way to communicate within and across the organization, the policies capability allows for a daily summary of all policy violations across pull requests. You know exactly what the violations are and which items to take action on to ensure security, quality and efficiency are a constant in your delivery process.

Policies and other key capabilities of CloudBees SDM and Product Hub are available in the preview program today. We want to give you early access, while also working directly with our product team for feedback to improve the solution.

Next time I’ll provide more information on the reports and querying capabilities in CloudBees SDM and what can be accomplished when using actionable insights to set policies that can improve your software delivery.

Sign up for the CloudBees preview program or contact me to start a discussion and see a demo.

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