CloudBees SDM Integrates with GitHub On-Premise or in the Cloud

Written by: Michael Baldani

In my previous posts, I discussed the various capabilities of the CloudBees Software Delivery Management (SDM) platform that provide the visibility and insight into your development processes which is critical to efficiently delivering quality software to the market. We at CloudBees really do understand that accessing and leveraging the data to get that visibility shouldn’t come at the expense of developer freedom or an organization’s requirements for keeping development data safe via on-premise tools.

Consequently, we built the CloudBees platform with this in mind - flexible and agnostic so developers can use the tools they want that best get the job done, while also being able to securely ingest data from on-premise tools that enterprise companies have and want to maintain. This means you can embrace, not replace the tools you have, while also future-proofing for any new technology that’ll be added down the road. Besides, the whole rip and replace scenario to “modernize” your entire development environment and toolset is too disruptive and expensive - not to mention being locked inside a box.

Based on this I want to let you know that CloudBees SDM now has built-in integrations with both and GitHub Enterprise. Organizations can continue to use these tools, on-premise or in the cloud, while also leveraging CloudBees SDM for visibility and insights into and across your software delivery process, as well as implement policies to drive governance and best practices resulting in delivering quality software to your customers.

How CloudBees SDM integrates with GitHub Enterprise

CloudBees SDM integrates with GitHub Enterprise using an app that is created in your GitHub user account and is owned by the user. Once the app is created, it can be installed into any account on your GitHub Enterprise server, whether on an organization or a personal account.

To add repositories once the GitHub Enterprise connection is made, you need to have admin rights for the GitHub Enterprise organization.

With the GitHub integration to CloudBees SDM, you’ll see:
Repositories with number of branches, open pull requests and last commit.

You’ll be able to see all the pull requests related to any product or feature that your development team is working on. You’ll also see the associated repository, when it was created, and by whom, as well as any status labels based on policies that were implemented.

A recent blog, Identifying Unreviewed Pull Requests Blocking Jira Issues will give you a really good look on how integrating GitHub to CloudBees SDM and leveraging that data through reports and policies can help you drive more efficiency into your software delivery process.

Tool integrations and other capabilities of CloudBees SDM are available in the preview program today. We want to give you early access to use the solution while also working directly with our product team for feedback to improve it.

Sign up for the CloudBees preview program or contact me to start a discussion and see a demo.

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