CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution Release #7: February Release

Written by: Dennis Newel
4 min read

This product/service is no longer being offered by CloudBees.  Visit  to learn more about the community offering.

CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution provides a stable, predictable release line for teams building cloud-native Kubernetes-based applications with Jenkins X. It comes battle-tested and ready for production workloads with support and documentation vetted by CloudBees. As Jenkins X rapidly evolves, so will CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution with stability and reliability in the forefront.

This month the team has been focusing on two things: continue to improve Jenkins X overall and plan for the future. This has resulted in 30 issues and enhancements being fixed or added and a full audit of the jx codebase to identify which areas we should focus on next.

On the planning side, we’re still exploring a few different options, but we’re taking a very close look at how jx boot is structured and how we can improve it.

The first milestone is to try and separate the cluster creation from the installation and upgrading of Jenkins X. More details will be available shortly in the form of a proposal posted to - this is following the new project praxis of publishing proposals for larger initiatives and soliciting community feedback before embarking on the actual implementation. If you are interested in the future of Jenkins X, keep an eye on the enhancement repo and join in on the discussions.

The second milestone is to replace Prow (which handles ChatOps and the communication with GitHub ) with Lighthouse , which has wider git server support (including future support for Bitbucket and Gitlab) and a smaller footprint. We hope to have this switch completed in the April release.

In terms of bug fixes and improvements, the most notable fix is 6568 which was caused by a change we made in the January release that resulted in mismatched permissions. The manual fix was straight forward, but now it’s fixed in the code as well. Otherwise, there’s been a few fixes to Github Enterprise and Bitbucket support, in anticipation of the Lighthouse migration, as well as a couple of critical git-related issues.

You’ll find the full list below, which is also available as part of the release notes :


Bugs Fixed

As always, you can download the latest distribution here , and if you have any feedback please email me at

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